Axe Bat Baseball Bats

Axe Bat might be a real game-changer. Most companies produce baseball bats without even considering changing the shape of the bat, however, Axe Bat did just that. They took their production to the next level and came out with a new revolutionary design that proves even better performance.

Axe Bat baseball bats are promising better bat speed than any other bats on the market, thanks to bat’s special design. It starts with an axe handle, which is designed to perfect the biomechanics of the player’s swing. They further promise a uniquely engineered hitting zone with a loaded hitting face for the extra explosive barrel. Axe Bat baseball bat is wrapped up by the hyperwhip endcaps, which are extremely aerodynamic and allow for improved balance and speed of player’s swing.

Axe Bat Story

Unlike some other companies with a long history, Axe Bat is a rather young concept, as it was established back in 2009. A New York woodworker Bruce Leinart was the man behind the idea. He started by reaching out to baseball gear companies, trying to pitch them his axe-shaped handle bat concept.

Baden Sports were the ones who showed interest and actually started Axe Bat lab. It took them three years to come out with their first bat and it had about 75 iterations to get to the current shape and design, which is without a doubt something else.

They claim that a round-handled bat hurts players’ swings and really believe their unique bats are the future of the game. Only time will tell, but for now, we can say that they are gaining popularity and recognition on a daily bases.

Axe Bat Baseball Bats – Wide Selection

As already mentioned above, Axe Bat baseball bats have a very unique shape that promises the best performance. They do admit it takes some time to get used to the axe-shaped handle.

They offer a wide range of bats from different materials to meet everyone’s needs. Their best and most expensive product, Avenge, is made from 3-piece composite and it has a charged carbon barrel.

They really show their confidence with their 30-day challenge. They allow for their alloy and composite models to be tested for 30-days, which is a bold move.

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