Baden Baseballs

You are probably familiar with the Baden Sports company, right? Their main focus has always been ball production for all sports. Despite the fact that baseballs might be the smallest items in their production line, they do get an equal amount of attention an quality assurance as the rest of their line.

Baden baseballs come in a wide range of models intended for all levels of skills.

Baden Sports Story

Baden Sports was founded back in 1979. It was back then that a father and a son, both passionate sports players, and fans, decided to make a change and equip players with products that will enable them to show their best abilities and thus raise the quality of the game.

As soon as they produced their first ball, they were immediately recognized as revolutionists since their balls were like nothing the market had seen before. They were able to combine high quality and great value, which is always a true success formula.

They were really passionate and driven to make the game better, which lead to their first major innovation – female sized basketball, which was adopted by NCAA in 1984.

After that, Baden Sports has made many innovations in all main sports, including Axe baseball bats.

Baden Sports is still a family-owned sporting goods company and it has been alive for 3 generations. It is located just outside of Seattle in a town called Renton, WA.

Baden Baseballs Series

Baden baseballs come in many series, of course, each in its own category and price range. Perfection Collegiate flat seam baseballs are their highest level baseballs, followed by Perfection PRO baseballs, Perfection NFHS baseballs, Official League Baseballs, Official League Practice baseballs, All-Weather baseballs, Ballistic baseballs, and a wide range of training baseballs.

All Baden baseballs are designed with an extra intention of making the game experience the best possible for the players. This is one of the Baden Sports company’s core values and they incorporate it into each and every one of their products.

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