All Star Catchers Helmets

As we have covered All Stars catchers equipment, this popular brand offers a full range of catching kits, which include helmets as well. However, All Star catchers helmets are of course also available on their own and there is a wide range of options for you to choose from.

The History of All Star

All Star’s or should we say Converse’s beginnings reach way back into 1908 when it all began for this worldwide know brand with their rubber shoes. The creator of the company was Marquis Mills and it was initially called “Converse Rubber Shoe Company”. It wasn’t until 1915 when they started producing athletic shoes that really boosted the company and made it popular.

In 1920 the name All Star came to life, as they gave it to their basketball shoes, which were endorsed by a basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor. This move was a true game-changer for Converse. It was in 1932 when the star logo was placed on the ankle patch and made this brand iconic.

Converse’s most popular product is still their shoes, but the brand is so huge they have countless high-quality sports gear and style products that many athletes and general public adore.

All Star Catchers Helmets Assortment

All Star offers two options, when it comes to catchers helmets – hockey-style helmets and traditional combination of skull caps and face masks. All of these come in many different colors and sizes to fit any player’s needs.

Going for the pro-level hockey-style helmets you should expect to pay around $300 USD, while you can get a traditional combo of the face mask and the cap in pro edition for slightly more. The skull caps are very affordable, while the pro-versions of the titanium face masks alone have higher price tags that the hockey-style helmets.

According to the All Star reputation you can expect to get high-quality products whichever style you choose.

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