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Story Behind Baseball Pants

As you probably know baseball his a very traditional sport. Pants are one of the indicators of that. There are not many action team sports where players would wear pants and belt for the game. As such it is only fitting to tell you about the beginning of baseball pants.

The first men’s baseball pants were called ‘pantaloons’ and were worn by the Knickerbocker baseball club in the second part of the 1840s. And guess what? Those pants were made of blue wool. In addition, they had builtin padding, so you can only imagine how hot those players must have felt.

We have come a very long way since those woolen pants, yet there is still a lot of tradition to wearing baseball pants. There are many high profile brands producing high-quality baseball pants and they all use the best available materials for baseball apparel.

Characteristics of Good Baseball Pants

If you are not a complete stranger to baseball, then you know there is a lot of sliding, running, leg stretching, and even jumping involved. As such, baseball pants must be able to perform well during all these moves. This means they must be rather flexible and at the same time tough enough not to be ripped apart when sliding is involved.

In addition, the pants must be as breathable as any other sports jersey and of course, they must look good.

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