Softball Shoes

Don’t Strike Out: Get the Perfect Pair of Softball Shoes

Softball can be one of the most exciting and rewarding sports you can play. However, it’s also one of the most physically demanding, so it’s important to choose your equipment carefully to ensure that you not only stay safe but also perform at your best level possible. Softball shoes are an integral part of your uniform, since they’re what you’ll be wearing on your feet while you run, pivot, jump, slide, and hit on the softball field. Don’t strike out by choosing an inappropriate pair of softball shoes!

How to Choose Softball Cleats

The most important part of softball shoes is that they are soft. It doesn’t matter if you have a high-end pair or a really cheap pair, as long as they’re comfortable. You don’t want to be running around in uncomfortable shoes because then you won’t focus on your game, which can cost you more than just strikes and outs on that day; it could even cost you future opportunities. The following are some things to consider when choosing your next pair of softball cleats: Is there traction? One of the most important things about softball shoes is grip, especially when it comes to fielding or stealing bases. If a shoe isn’t sticky enough, it might make play more difficult for you and others on your team.

How to Fit Cleats for Softball

Choosing a pair of softball cleats can be tricky. There are lots of factors to consider, like arch support, ankle support, and lace style. But before you even start looking at these features, you should make sure your shoes fit correctly. While you might think that any old softball shoe will do for throwing around with friends, if you’re serious about playing in a league or tournament, make sure to invest in some serious kicks (i.e., cleats) from companies like New Balance and Under Armour.

How to Maintain/Clean Softball Cleats

When playing softball, you want to make sure that your cleats are in good condition and not weighing you down. You should clean them after every game. Before doing so, make sure that they are completely dry by placing a towel over them overnight and allowing them to air dry completely before cleaning. Use a brush to remove any clumps of dirt or mud from between cleat rows first.

Types of Softball Cleats

The softball cleat you choose will depend on your playing position. Pitchers need a flexible, lightweight, and low-profile cleat for stability and control. Position players at all other positions should wear high-top softball shoes with a rubber outsole for traction and durability. An individual who plays more than one position may want to purchase multiple pairs of softball shoes so that they can select a pair depending on their role on any given day. For example, outfielders often wear an Under Armour softball shoe because it is lighter than a similar Mizuno or New Balance footwear option.

Price Ranges

There are many different types of softball shoes, including cleats and spikes. While spikes tend to be made with only fastpitch in mind, both cleats and spikes can be used for fast and slow pitch. Fastpitch shoes cost around $30 to $50 per pair, but softball shoes that are specifically designed for fastpitch usually run about $100 or more. Cleats for slowpitch softball can cost as little as $10 to $15 per pair. Slowpitch shoes may also have metal spikes instead of rubber ones. If you’re interested in pitching, metal spikes may not work well because they tend to slide too easily when you push off from the rubber plate.

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