All Star Chest Protectors

If there is anything about this brand, then it is their coolness. All Star has been a synonym for coolness since their beginning and nothing will change that. If you love this brand, then their chest protectors won’t disappoint you as they are made of high-quality materials and offer the highest level of protection. THEY GET THE JOB DONE.

All Star chest protectors are also available with All Star catcher equipment kits, so if you are looking for the entire kit, make sure to look there.

All Star or Converse? The Story Behind This Legendary Brand

All Star’s or should we say Converse’s beginnings reach way back into 1908 when it all began for this worldwide known brand with their rubber shoes. The creator of the company was Marquis Mills and it was initially called “Converse Rubber Shoe Company”. It wasn’t until 1915 when they started producing athletic shoes that really boosted the company and made it popular.

In 1920 the name All Star came to life, as they gave it to their basketball shoes, which were endorsed by a basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor. This move was a true game-changer for Converse. It was in 1932 when the star logo was placed on the ankle patch and made this brand iconic.

Converse’s most popular product is still their shoes, but the brand is so huge they have countless high-quality sports gear and style products that many athletes and general public adore.

All Star Chest Protectors Series

All Star chest protectors come in S7 or S7 Axis series. both available for kids and adults. They have an additional series called the Player’s Series especially produced to protect children learning this traditional game.

All of the All Star chest protectors are available in multiple colors so each player can match his taste or the colors of the team. The highest price range for All Star chest protectors run at slightly over $200 USD.

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