Baseball Gloves

For someone who doesn’t know much about the game, the information that there are many types of baseball gloves might come as a shock, but not to you, right? You know that there are pitchers’ gloves, catcher’s mitts, first baseman’s gloves, infielder’s gloves, and outfielder’s gloves and that all of this requires quite some knowledge to ensure you buy the right model.

Baseball Gloves Overview

In case you are new to baseball glove buying or maybe just need to refresh your memory, we prepared some useful information regarding baseball gloves.

Baseball Gloves Anatomy

  • web – the part that connects the fingers and thumb for easier catching of the ball
  • palm – includes padding against the impact force
  • heel – the lower portion of the glove
  • lacing – gives the entire shape to the glove
  • hinge – enables glove to be opened and closed easily
  • wrist adjustment – this is an optional feature; most common in youth

Baseball Gloves Materials

These are the three most common material used:

  • Synthetic leather
  • oil-treated leather
  • Premium or Pro Series leather

Choosing Accordingly

Baseball gloves are categorized into three main categories – Fielders, First basemen, and Catchers. Each of these three offers multiple choices of web types, altogether over 10 web styles.

Choosing a perfect baseball glove for yourself comes down to three things:

  • FIT – a glove must fit your hand well, it should never be too big
  • FEEL – a glove must offer a good combination of stiffness and flexibility to maximize your performance
  • STYLE – a player should like the look of the glove as well

We hope you know exactly which type of baseball glove you are looking for, the size you are after, and other special needs you might have. If you haven’t sorted this part out yet, we advise you to consult with you or your child’s coach first. However, in case you do have any questions that you feel we can assist you with, please, do not hesitate in contacting us.

What we can promise you is that will help you find the best baseball gloves at the best prices.

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