B45 Baseball Bats

There are just too many professional players out there swinging with B45 baseball bats for us not to include them. B45 baseball bats are traditionally shaped and produced for players of all ages and levels of expertise.

Most of their attention goes into producing wood bats, which are available for every baseball player out there – from toddlers to professional players.

B45 Background Check

The company was started in 2004 and was the first-ever to use Canadian Yellow Birch for baseball bat manufacturing. Testing proved that this type of wood was actually a really good choice as it gave players a good swing feeling and bats made from Yellow Birch broke noticeably less than bats made from other types of wood.

It turned out that Yellow Birch possesses the hardness of maple and flexibility of ash, which results in B45 bats having a much lower breakage rate, enhanced hitting performance, and lower overall cost.

The company is still based in Quebec City Canada and is mostly known for its innovation in the wood baseball bat industry. Their final products are a combination of experience and hard work, combining the knowledge of wood engineers and former professional baseball players to deliver top-notch quality bats.

B45 Baseball Bats – From Toddlers to Professionals

As mentioned above, B45 baseball bats are of high quality and are available for players of all ages and all levels of skills. They offer premium bats, pro-select bats, vintage collection bats, and even B-1 bats, which are basically pro bats with minimal imperfections so they come at highly affordable prices.

B45’s offers often include a lot of baseball bat packs, where they make 3 or more bats in a bundle and give it a very decent price tag, which makes it a great option for the team purchases. Furthermore, all B45 baseball bats from Pro select series include a 30-day hassle-free warranty, which is without a doubt a nice reassurance.

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