Rawlings Softball Pants

The Best Rawlings Softball Pants for an Awesome Game

With so many different kinds of softball pants to choose from, you may wonder how to find the best pair for your needs and personal style. Softball pants are designed with several features that can affect your level of comfort during play, as well as the functionality of your uniform as a whole. Here are some things to consider when shopping for the best Rawlings softball pants for your team’s next season.

About Rawlings

In 1887, they produced their first baseball and softball gloves, and they quickly became a standard in professional sports. In fact, so many athletes took to them that other brands started copying their styles. Today, those knockoffs are still made to look like their gloves. Just ask your teammates about their hands—if it’s not a genuine Rawlings product protecting them on game day, you can be sure it’s one of those copies. For nearly 130 years, they’ve helped pros play at their best and will continue doing so for future generations of athletes. That is why so many players—regardless of position or league—trust their games to Rawlings every season.

Rawlings softball pants quality

If you’re in search of quality softball pants, then you can’t go wrong with Rawlings. They’ve been a trusted name in sports equipment since 1887 and they continue to produce quality products that athletes like you can rely on. So what exactly makes these softball pants so high-quality? Well, first off, all their clothing is made from 100% polyester. This combination of materials ensures that your pants are highly breathable and won’t get in your way when it comes time to make make a play. They also have multi-layered foam padding to keep them comfortable when you take your stance at home plate and have rigid plastic plates on each hipbone area that help protect against hard impacts from ground balls.

Top Recommendations

The best softball pants are made by Rawlings. If you’re in search of a comfortable pair of pants that won’t limit your movement, check out their Onix Pant. The tight fit makes it easy to slide into bases but provides plenty of room around your thighs, so you won’t have to worry about pinching as you run around base paths. In addition, it has a great compression fit that keeps them from slipping when playing intense outfield positions. At just over $40 per pair, they’re a steal!

Bottom Line

When shopping for softball pants, there are a lot of things to consider. And since your pant size can vary by brand and style, you’ll want to take some time to understand your options before heading out on game day. There are lots of good options available at all price points—don’t let price alone be your guide. If you find something that feels right but breaks your budget, talk with a salesperson about exchanging it or holding onto it until you can save up some money.

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