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Batting gloves are a piece of the baseball gear that honestly doesn’t seem to have a large impact on the game. However, if we look a bit closer, we can see that it actually does.

Have you tried holding a bat in your hands for a couple of hours and just lightly wiggle it around? This alone could cause several blisters to appear on your hands. Now consider squeezing the handle tight and hitting a fastball. Without batting gloves, this action could rip off parts of the skin from the batters’ hands without any problems.

Now imagine some key star hitters missing the game because of this sort of injury. That would really affect the game in a serious matter, right?

In addition to preventing hand injuries, batting gloves create constant and replicable conditions between the glove surface and the bat’s handle. Bare hands, on the other hand, are highly unpredictable and can cause sweat to limit performance abilities. This is often the case in many other hand-ball contact sports where gloves cannot be used.

So now you know that all professional hitters wear batting gloves for two main reasons – to avoid hand injuries and to maximize their performance.

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Over the last couple of years, there has been quite a lot of development in the area of batting gloves. As a result, there are many brands offering high-quality batting gloves these days.

Here at, you are able to find most brands that produce batting gloves worth mentioning. As such our search engine will help you find the best ones for you at the best prices.

However, if you do have a particular brand in mind, simply hover over the “Batting Gloves” tab in our menu and click on the brand of your preference. Then you will be able to find a specific model, color, and size of the batting gloves you are after. You can further narrow your selection down by using the search filters.

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