Akadema Baseball Bats

Akadema might be most known by their top-notch quality baseball gloves, which is their leading field of expertise, they do however also produce high-quality baseball bats as well. Despite the fact that they weren’t producing baseball bats at all during their first couple of years of operation, they are now producing high-quality baseball bats that even many professional players prefer.

The Story Behind Akadema

Akadema or to be strict Academy (which was the original name and was changed to Akadema in 2000) was founded back in 1997 by Gilligan brothers, Joe and Lawrence. The latter was once a professional baseball player and he noticed the lack of innovation regarding baseball gloves. As such, he made a decision to change that. He teamed up with his brother and was determined to design new improved baseball gloves that would help a player to perform better. Everything must be constantly improving and baseball gloves are no exception.

The fact that Akadema became one of the hottest baseball and softball equipment companies in the USA in less than a decade, tells us, that they must be doing something special. They believe that in order to produce the best sports gear, you must consult and listen to the best athletes in that sport. And they are doing just that. Akadema has been producing innovative gear and will without any doubt continue to do so.

Akadema Baseball Bats Series

Akadema baseball bats began their path with Amish wood hand made bats, which were highly popular. Their other top quality wood bats are made from Maple, Rock Maple, and Northern White Ash. Akadema is one of less than 30 companies whose bats have been approved for play in MLB.

With that in mind, they offer a wide range of bats, ranging from $30 – $300, which means hobbyists and professionals can find their match.

Akadema baseball bats series include Fungo training bats, M6 (Maple), which has a lot of models, BM771 (Hybrid), and A571 (Ash). They do also have a Catapult alloy bat, however, wood bats are their true specialty.

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