Adidas Baseball Shoes

We all know Adidas as this huge worldwide known brand – one of the largest sports apparel, shoes, and gear brand. Among many lines of products for recreationists and professional athletes, Adidas baseball shoes probably aren’t one of their most widely spread products, yet like in most sports, they tend to be at the top considering the number of players using their product. Whether you are a casual player or a professional, Adidas baseball shoes, might just be a perfect option for you.

Adidas Beginnings

Adidas has a long and rich history. It was back in 1949 when Adi Dassler created this brand. His goal was to help athletes bring them their A-game by equipping them with the best pair of sports shoes. Adidas came out with 3 stripes as a trademark right at the beginning. The fact that probably everyone in the world would still recognize those three stripes is a powerful enough fact.

The 1950s were when Adidas laid down a powerful foundation. They came out with the Samba all-round shoe, which is still worn these days. Soon they created sprint shoes and also the first soccer cleats with nylon sole.

In only seven years from its beginning every one knew Adidas, it not only changed sports but also fashion, culture, and more.

Up until now, many records were broken by the athletes wearing Adidas shoes, and from shoes, they have spread their product line to apparel covering men, women, and kids from head to toes.

Adidas Baseball Shoes Series

Adidas baseball shoes or should we say cleats are what many professional baseball players are wearing. Adidas baseball shoes come in several series, including Icon, Icon Bounce, Boost Icon, Adizero Afterburner, and Afterburner.

They all come in a wide range of colors to give players, in addition to high performance, an option of matching their personal style.

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