Wilson Baseballs

Wilson baseballs are the official baseballs of Major League Baseball

Looking for the official baseball of Major League Baseball? You’ve come to the right place! Wilson has been providing baseballs to the league since 1977, and they remain baseball’s most trusted and innovative manufacturer today. Whether you’re looking for MLB-approved baseballs or just trying to find a high-quality, affordable ball that your child can use at practice, Wilson is your one-stop shop. Read on to learn more about what Wilson offers and how it has grown over the years.

History of the company

Wilson Sporting Goods is a manufacturer of sporting equipment, primarily for baseball and softball but also for soccer, golf, football, cricket, and lacrosse. It was founded in 1887 by Alexander M. Wilson in St. Louis, Missouri; he manufactured the first-ever leather glove used in a baseball game by second baseman Charlie Bennett on August 16, 1889, during a St. Louis Browns vs Cleveland Spiders game at Sportsman’s Park (later known as Robison Field). In 2011 Wilson manufactured over 1 billion balls annually and is currently owned by The Kennett Family and William Hochberg.

Why Wilsons Are So Popular

There’s a very good reason Wilson Sporting Goods is so well-known and respected in sports: they make excellent products that people depend on to play their best, every time they step onto a field. And one of those products is definitely their popular line of Wilson baseballs, which has been adopted by many professional and amateur leagues across America. It’s easy to see why: high quality, precision manufacturing, amazing durability, and reliability make for top-tier balls that will be used again and again by players at every level. So if you want your team to really stand out from everyone else, pick up some Wilsons!

The story behind the name

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company began as a partnership in 1889, with A.J. Reach and two of his brothers-in-law, John T. Sprague and William Winchester. Their company had one main product: baseballs. And they didn’t just make any old ball; they made balls that could stand up to all kinds of punishment on an MLB diamond. The company was acquired by Ed Kohler in 1947 and then sold to Boog Powell (yes, that Boog Powell) and Bill DeWitt in 1967, who developed new technologies (including cowhide lining) and pushed Wilson Sporting Goods into basketball gear, football helmets, soccer balls—you name it—and then finally softballs in 1983 . . . not that we’re bitter or anything!

Buying guide

Professional leagues require professional-grade equipment, which is why you’ll need to have a clear understanding of your needs and wants before you begin shopping for balls—especially if you’re buying them for use on an actual field. For example, if your league requires you to use a certain size ball or requires that they be in a certain condition, make sure that is taken into account when looking at options (and considering how much money you want to spend). Even if they don’t require specific measurements or conditions, it never hurts to check with your league as far as specifics go. You might find some great deals—for instance, baseballs used during games can sometimes be found online for less than half of their retail price!

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