Atec Baseballs

Atec is mostly known for its professional pitching machines and training equipment for baseball, softball, and more. Since they produce the machines that pitch the balls, it is only natural they know a thing or two about the balls themselves. Atec baseballs are basically the highest standard baseballs to be used with pitching machines.

Meet Athletic Training Equipment Company Inc. – ATEC

Atec is one of the leading producers of professional pitching machines and other training equipment for softball and baseball. The company produces a vast range of baseball pitching and softball pitching machines along with baseballs and softballs. They are professional and provide a variety of training balls, a wide selection of baseball and softball nets, portable screens for practice, all sorts of baseball and softball tees, and a wide range of countless accessories for all of the listed.

Ever since 2003 Atec has been a part of Amer Group (Wilson Team Sports)

Given the reputation of the company, you can imagine they know what it means to make high-quality professional baseballs that their machines can pitch perfectly and repeatedly so that professionals can improve their skills to the very top level.

Atec Baseballs – Hi Per Pro

Atec baseballs are available in a variety of models, but only Hi Per Pro is a professional baseball. All others are special kinds of training baseballs.

There is quite a lot of science to Atec baseballs as they are designed to incorporate a perfect combination of durability and flight accuracy. It is only logical to expect that Atec baseballs are designed with Atec machines compatibility in mind. As such, the company ensures that their balls are pitched with the maximum possible accuracy from their machines.

Atec Hi Per Pro baseballs are made out of a full-grain leather cover and kevlar accu-seams, making them the highest performing leather flat seam baseballs. These balls have extremely low aerodynamic drag, which enables them to have a very accurate ball flight.

If you are looking for baseballs to use on Atec pitching machines, then Atec baseballs should be your pick.

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