Rawlings Baseball Bats

Rawlings Baseball Bats

Rawlings is a name we cannot forget when it comes to baseball bats. Rawlings is a leading manufacturer and marketer of sporting goods in the US. The company was founded in 1887 and ever since then, its mission has been to enable participation and develop high performing equipment for entry-level and advanced players.

Amongst the many offers of Rawlings are baseball bats. Rawlings is the leading name in the industry when it comes to baseball bats. There is a range of bats that the company offers but the top 3 ones of these are:

The Velo Alloy College High School Bat

The Velo Alloy College High School Bat by Rawlings is incredible in every capacity. The bat can hit up to 90+ mph. Expect fair play and a lot of performance with the Rawlings Velo that features incredible balance, explosive swing speeds, and an overall enhanced pop too.

The 5150 Alloy Youth Bat

When it comes to Rawlings baseball bats, the 5150 Alloy Youth Bat is another name that we cannot forget. Shaped from the responsive aerospace grade Rawlings alloy, this is a one-piece bat that equips the hitters with transcending speed, expanded balance and an incredible and magnified power. The bat has been optimized for delivering optimized performance and it contains technology that ensures you do just that. The bat has been a popular choice amongst individuals across the globe. It has been chosen by championship teams. There is power in numbers and the 5150 Alloy Youth Bat is just a good example of that.

Velo College/High School Bat

Rawlings offers the incredible Velo College/High School Bat. A smooth swinging bat, the bat contains a longer barrel that encompasses an enhanced sweet spot and a comp-lite end cap that lowers the MOI and increases the bat speed too. It has a very stiff alloy handle that works to ensure that you deliver a very consistent feel at the plate, but while you are doing it, a lot of strength is added to every swing. These bats contain elements that unite to deliver a complete and explosive harmony for every athlete that chooses this bat as their choice of the bat for play.

Rawlings, therefore, is a name that works to ensure that you get some of the best bats you possibly can get. Moreover, know that each of their bats has been designed with specific goals in mind. Therefore, there is one bat that is ideal for swinging while another that is suitable for the powerplay. Nonetheless, all of their bats contain exemplary technologies that work to ensure that an amazing performance is delivered.

There are a number of Rawlings baseball bats in the market. Their range of bats is more than just diversified. The company is a leading name in the industry for delivering some of the most incredible baseball bats you can get your hands on. Moreover, while the top 3 bats are the most popular ones by Rawlings, there are many others that you can get your hands on as well. Try one of the bats by Rawlings, you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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