Akadema Baseball Gloves

Akadema Baseball Gloves

If you are into baseball then you’ve most likely heard of Akadema baseball gloves before. Though gloves might be Akadema’s most popular item, they also produce other baseball gear, such as bats, apparel, and footwear.

The Akadema Baseball Gloves Story

Akadema was founded back in 1997 by Gilligan brothers, Joe and Lawrence. The latter was once a professional baseball player and he noticed the lack of innovation regarding baseball gloves. As such, he made a decision to change that. He teamed up with his brother and was determined to design new improved baseball gloves that would help a player to perform better. Everything must be constantly improving and baseball gloves are no exception.

The fact that Akadema became one of the hottest baseball and softball equipment companies in the USA in less than a decade, tells us, that they must be doing something special. They believe that in order to produce the best sports gear, you must consult and listen to the best athletes in that sport. And they are doing just that. Akadema has been producing innovative gear and will without any doubt continue to do so.

Akadema holds several patent awards, including the Reptilian Glove, the Praying Mantis, the Claw Glove, Spiral Lock Glove & Mitt Web, Tacktion Grip for Bats, the Funnel Glove, and the Heated Glove.

Akadema Baseball Gloves Series

According to Akadema’s nature, we can always expect new improved baseball gloves from them. To quote them: “We don’t make gloves like they used to. We make them better.” They make a whole variety of and different series of gloves for outfielders, infielders, pitchers, and catchers, all produced from high-quality leather.

They even have a custom-gloves option, where one chooses glove base (leather type, glove pattern, glove size, throwing hand and welting for glove base,) web style, then color, and finally personalizes it by adding name and a flag (optional).

Some of Akadema’s most popular lines are Torino, Precision, ProsoftElite, ProSoft, Fastpitch, Prodigy, Rookie, Catcher Gloves, First Base Gloves, and Field Gloves.

Given the high-quality of their products and the vast selection, no kid or grownup should ever be disappointed by any of Akadema baseball gloves.

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