Wilson Catchers Helmets

Wilson Catchers Helmets: Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

A helmet has the ability to dramatically reduce the risk of head injury while playing baseball, softball, or fast-pitch softball. Every person who plays baseball, softball, or fast-pitch softball should wear a helmet that’s designed specifically for their sport (a catcher’s helmet for catchers, for example). At the same time, no matter how great the helmet may be and how safe it can make you feel, it won’t actually do anything unless you put it on before stepping onto the field of play!

Why Wearing The Proper Helmet Makes A Difference

What’s worse than not being able to play baseball? Getting sidelined by a ball that hits you in the head. Serious head injuries have no place on a baseball field. That’s why it’s vital to wear protective equipment at all times, especially your catcher’s helmet. Wearing a Wilson catcher’s helmet is just as important as wearing other parts of your uniform because, without it, you’re vulnerable to serious damage and concussion-related injuries.

Features Of The BEST Catcher’s Helmets for Baseball and Softball

The fit of a catcher’s helmet is one of its most important features. Many helmets are not adjustable and some have adjustment systems that don’t work well. The best helmets will have a size adjuster with an effective range of motion. Additionally, they should be able to accommodate more than one set of earpieces and headbands so that you can change them out during long games or practice sessions. A catcher’s helmet should also be light in weight; after all, you’ll be wearing it for hours at a time on game days! Lastly, do not scrimp on your catcher’s helmet! You want to make sure that it is DOT-approved for safety reasons because your safety is worth every penny.

How To Choose A New Catcher’s Helmet

If you are looking to purchase a new catcher’s helmet, it is important to know what characteristics you should be considering. There are three different types of helmets that catchers can wear on and off their heads; fiberglass, metal mesh, and metal cages. Each type has its own features, with varying amounts of protection based on how heavy they are and which parts of your head they cover. If you plan on buying a new Wilson catcher’s helmet we have provided information about each type below so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing one.


When shopping for new baseball gear, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of options. When it comes to Wilson catcher’s helmets, however, your choice is clear: You want comfort and performance. Find both in Wilson Elite Series catcher’s helmets. These time-tested models use first-rate technology and materials to ensure they fit as comfortably as possible without sacrificing safety or durability. Shop online today to find yours below!

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