Old Hickory Baseball Bats

Old Hickory Baseball Bats: The Best in the Business

Old Hickory baseball bats have been one of the most widely used baseball bats in the major leagues since the late 19th century, and there’s a good reason why—these are some of the best baseball bats available on the market today. If you want to hit balls out of the park like Babe Ruth, these are definitely worth considering. Here’s why Old Hickory baseball bats were among the first to be introduced in professional baseball and why they continue to be some of the best around today.

Why choose an Old Hickory baseball bat?

Old Hickory baseball bats are professional quality; used by professionals and amateurs alike. With a classic design, Old Hickory bats are used by pros such as Jose Abreu, Brian Anderson, Justin Morneau, Charlie Blackmon, and Bryce Harper. Shop online today here to find your next Old Hickory baseball bat.

Company history

Founded by Mike Kelly, an aspiring big leaguer and man of modest means, Old Hickory was a company born out of necessity. When he arrived at spring training as a Pittsburgh Pirate in 1934 with only one bat to his name, he decided to never be caught unprepared again. At first, he worked on equipment on his own, but once scouts started catching wind of his bats’ popularity, it was just a matter of time before Old Hickory became a full-fledged business. It didn’t take long for major league players to catch on to Kelly’s bats’ quality — and usefulness. By the 1940s nearly every ballplayer had at least one Old Hickory model in their arsenal; by the 1950s its popularity had spread across amateur leagues nationwide.

How are they made?

Old Hickory is a century-old American company that has long produced bats for professional and recreational players alike. They’re proud of their rich history, but it’s their dedication to quality that sets them apart from competitors. Old Hickory baseball bats are made of ash wood, which is known for its durability and longevity. Some bats are sold unvarnished (it can be done at home), while others come with a gloss coating. In order to maintain these bats and make sure they last, bat oil should be applied liberally before every game or practice session.


It’s no secret that they at Old Hickory love baseball. In fact, a lot of their team have been playing since they were kids. When they joined up with Old Hickory years ago, they became huge fans of their bats and what it means to put that signature on your equipment. It’s not about being better than someone else; it’s about taking care of yourself and knowing what you’re working with to give yourself every advantage possible. There are a ton of companies out there competing for your dollar; trust them when they say they only want your business if you are going to their bats for their intended purpose!

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