Axe x Driveline Baseball 33″ Speed Training Bats – 3 Pack, Men’s, 32 IN., Blue | Black Friday Deal


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FEATURES: IMPROVE YOUR BATTING: With this training set, you’ll gain 5+ MPH exit speed on average, increase your bat speed, power and distance, improve hitting mechanics and strengthen your swing ALL-IN-ONE TRAINING TOOL: System includes 3 weighted bats (2 overloaded and 1 underload), 2.0 Driveline Training Program Book, 12 Weeks of In-Season Training, 12 weeks of Out-of-season training NEW AND IMPROVED: The second generation includes 2.0 Driveline Training Program, 2.0 Driveline Training Book, Armor Allow Underload Bats, and a Charged Carbon Max Composite Underload Bat PERFECT FOR BBCOR HITTERS: -3 BBCOR hitters. Which means all high school and college hitters. This system will also be for 7th and 8th graders who are already swinging -3 BBCOR, or getting ready to go into high school DESIGNED TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR GAME: The baseball swing is a unique movement that demands unique training – unlike traditional strength training, our overload/underload system works the entire sequence of muscles involved in a swing. Driveline’s training program is fine-tuned to affect every stage of movement, delivering a better swing from start to finish ADDITIONAL DETAILS: 1 Armor Enhanced Alloy Overload, Balanced Axe Bat Speed Trainer, 2-5/8″ barrel, with red tip (+20% overload/33″/36 oz.) 1 Armor Enhanced Alloy Overload, Endloaded Axe Bat Speed Trainer, 2-5/8″ barrel, with green tip (+20% overload/33″/36 oz.) 1 Charged Carbon Max Composite Underload, Balanced Axe Bat Speed Trainer, 2-5/8″ barrel, with blue tip (-20% underload/33″/24 oz.)

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