Marucci Baseball Gloves

Marucci Baseball Gloves

Marucci is mostly known for producing amazing bats. However, they have a full series of apparel and baseball gear, including baseball gloves. Even though bats might be their number one product, Marucci baseball gloves don’t fall short of perfection.

Marucci’s Path to Success

Marucci doesn’t have a long history, as such their success is even more impressive. It all started for them in 2004, in Baton Rouge when two former Big League players and their trainer began to handcraft bats. Thanks to their connections, they immediately had some of the major players as their clients.

Their key to success lies in the fact that they know the game inside-out and were able to incorporate their understanding of the game and player’s needs into their products.

On top of that, they’ve never settled for anything less than perfect. They’ve never put their seal of approval on a bat that wasn’t perfect. You can call it an obsession, but it has definitely led to incredible results as their wooden bats are considered to be at top-notch quality.

At Marucci, they really want to listen to players’ needs as much as possible, which led to the establishment of the so-called Marucci Player Advisory Board. The latter includes some of the best professional baseball players to provide Marucci with constructive feedback and their expertise, which is then transitioned into design adjustments and constant improvement of their products.

Marucci Baseball Gloves Series

Baseball gloves have been newly added to their collection – they name it fielding gloves. Marucci baseball gloves come in a whole variety of series, including Capitol series, Cypress series, Oxbow series, Ascension series, Vermilion series, and Acadia series. On top of those, they also offer custom fielding gloves under the tag “Your pride. Your style. Your glove.” One can choose all the details and personalize the glove with the name, number, and more.

Marucci baseball gloves are of the highest quality, which is obviously reflected in their price.

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