Louisville Slugger Baseball Gloves

Louisville Slugger Baseball Gloves

Louisville Slugger is mostly known for its amazing bats, however, they do produce a full line of gear for baseball, fastpitch, and slowpitch. As such, Louisville Slugger baseball gloves are a good option for players of any age to choose from.

The beginning of Louisville Slugger

The story behind the famous Louisville Slugger baseball bat started way back in 1880 when only 17-year-old John A. “Bud” Hillerich when he started working for his dad at his woodworking shop in Kentucky, Louisville.

According to the legend, back in 1884 Bud, who was a baseball lover and a player himself, went to see the Louisville Eclipse team play. While he was enjoying the game from the stands he was shocked to see the team’s superstar, P. Browning, breaking a bat.

Bud sensed an opportunity and invited that star player to his father’s woodworking shop and offered to make him a new bat. Listening carefully to Browning’s advice, Bud created a new bat in no time, which was debuted the very next day and got Browning three successful hits.

It wasn’t until 1894 when Bud took over the family business and registered ‘Louisville Slugger’ with the US Patent Office. Probably the biggest step forward regarding not just baseball but the sports marketing, in general, was in 1905 when they paid Honus Wagner (a future Hall of Famer) to use his name on the bat.

Louisville Slugger Baseball Gloves Series

When it comes to baseball gloves, Louisville Slugger also delivers high-quality products and has proven time after time that they can make more than just amazing bats.

They have three main categories of Louisville Slugger baseball gloves: infield gloves, outfield gloves, and pitcher gloves. Since the gloves are not their main specialty, they offer highly affordable baseball gloves for various ages. However, their bats are highly popular among the professional players but when it comes to their gloves, those are mostly not intended for the PRO level.

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