Wilson Batting Helmets

The Best Wilson Baseball Helmets for Serious Players

There are a wide variety of Wilson baseball helmets out there, so it can be hard to decide which one to buy. Here’s how to get the best Wilson baseball helmet for your money and your needs so you can play ball in comfort and safety all season long.

Little League

If you have a growing baseball star on your hands, you might be wondering which helmets are best for his or her league. The requirements and recommendations for each league differ slightly, but most leagues recommend a helmet with an NOCSAE certification sticker, like those made by Wilson. These helmets are particularly great because they’re not bulky or heavy like some other baseball helmets on the market—which can make it difficult to keep up with multiple positions. Also, many of these helmets have venting systems that help reduce sweat in warm weather conditions; bonus points if you live in southern states! A pair of dual-layer earflaps ensure full coverage of all sides of your child’s head, protecting them from hard-hit grounders and line drives alike.

High School

If you’re playing baseball in high school, it’s likely that your coach is providing everything you need. You might have to buy your own bats and cleats, but most clubs cover safety equipment. If your school doesn’t supply helmets or other protection—or if you play in an adult league outside of school—you can purchase from a number of reputable brands at nearly any sports store. Or, if you don’t mind spending a little extra cash, visit a custom helmet shop where they can customize a helmet just for you. Look at several brands before deciding which one to go with; while they all look great, some are more comfortable than others.

Collegiate Level

Collegiate baseball players require helmets that offer protection and comfort. That’s why, as a serious player, you need to take a close look at Wilson’s Pro Grade Series Adult Baseball Helmet. They fit snugly, which is great if you play infielder or pitcher, and they keep your head cool on hot days. But they’re not just practical—they look sleek and professional on top of it all. And because each helmet is made from durable plastic polymer, you can be sure that it’ll survive season after season of use. The result? A solid investment in equipment that can help keep you safe during games.

Professional Level

At high school and collegiate levels, many players demand high-end performance from their helmets. At these levels, you’ll find pro-level baseball helmets such as Unequal Technologies’ Pro series and Rawlings’ Gold Glove. Of course, not every serious player will need or want a top-of-the-line helmet. That being said, these helmets are generally of higher quality than other options on the market.

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