Mizuno Baseball Bats

Mizuno Baseball Bats

People love their baseball bats to be well sounded and if we are talking about baseball bats, then Mizuno baseball bats are ones that we cannot forget or neglect. Mizuno’s bats are found under the parent company of Mizuno USA but their roots stem from their parent company Mizuno Corporation. The Mizuno Corporation was established in Osaka, Japan back in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. However, today, Mizuno USA is located in GA, Norcross to be exact and it is continuing to manufacture high-quality equipment including baseball bats, apparel, and volleyball equipment amongst other things.

What sets Mizuno baseball bats apart from the others in the market are three main qualities including the following:


As much as the company delivers quality, Mizuno offers baseball bats that are affordable. You won’t be emptying your pockets when you get one of the bats at Mizuno. Therefore, for someone who wants quality, design, and affordability all in one package, Mizuno is probably the name to go for.


Another special quality of Mizuno’s bats is their design. The company offers incredibly designed bats that are great for everyday play and use. These bats stand apart because of their design for more than one reason because their design is unique and stands out naturally.

Solid Strength and Design

Mizuno baseball bats are solid in strength and design. This is probably one of their most unique selling parts because aside from the fact that you get a good design with these bats, you also get the chance of playing with something that is durable and incredible as far as its strength is concerned.

Mizuno offers a range of baseball bats but the top three ones of its offerings are:

Covert (-3)

Mizuno has been at the forefront of creating some of the highest performing baseball gear for its athletes. One of their most popular products is the Covert (-3) that comes with the following features:

  • Hot metal Alloy and Cortech design= a 35% larger sweet spot
  • BBCOR certified and approved for the NFHS and NCAA play
  • Super Helix Grip that provides tack and an amazing feel
  • A single wall aluminum alloy barrel: Delivering an incredible performance and sound

Maxcor (-3)

Another one of the popular baseball bats at Mizuno is the Maxcor (-3). The bat has been a popular choice amongst players as it comes with the following key features:

  • VP sleeve: Helps in creating a wider circumferential sweet spot
  • BBCor certified, approved for both NFHS and NCAA play
  • Super Heliex Grip-Provides incredible tack and great feel
  • A dynamic damper: Delivers great transition piece from the barrel to handle the absorbs vibration to get a better feel

Generation (-3)

The Generation (-3) is another great baseball bat by Mizuno. The key features of the bat include:

  • Hot metal alloy and a cortech design that extends the traditional sweet spot for more pop
  • A barrel diameter of 2 5/8”
  •   BBCor certified that is approved for NFHS and NCAA play
  • Super Heliex Grip that provides great feel and tack
  • A single wall aluminum alloy barrel that delivers durability, sound, and an unmatched performance

Mizuno is a leading name in the baseball industry and while the top 3 are some of the most popular Mizuno baseball bats, the company offers many others that you can try on as well.


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