Under Armour Baseball Pants

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Under Armour Baseball Pants

Selecting the perfect pair of Under Armour baseball pants can seem like a difficult task at first, especially if you’re unfamiliar with this particular brand. But learning about the different types of Under Armour baseball pants and the features they offer can help make your decision much easier, whether you’re looking for something stylish or performance-focused. Whether you’re playing in an organized baseball league or just working out on your own, these tips will help you find the right pair of Under Armour baseball pants to suit your needs and preferences.

Introduction: What should you look for in UA baseball pants?

Understanding what’s out there when it comes to UA baseball pants is a great place to start. When you’re considering UA baseball pants, it makes sense to start with two basic features: length and inseam. After all, your pants should never ride up on you during play. In addition, make sure your UA baseball pants are long enough so that you don’t feel exposed behind home plate when squatting down for a pitch. Length may not seem like an important factor at first glance, but it can be especially important if you have short legs relative to your height—that is if you’re very tall or very short compared with most players. Try on lots of different pairs and compare their lengths by simply crouching down as far as possible.

Comfort & Fit Section
Comfort is crucial in baseball pants. You can get away with ill-fitting pants for a softball game, but at least when it comes to baseball and softball you’ll want something that feels good as well as looks good. Since all men have slightly different builds, it’s important to try on several pairs of Under Armour baseball pants before settling on one or two that fit perfectly. Not only will you know exactly what size will fit your body type best, but you’ll also be able to see what fabric, pockets, and other features work best for you.

Seams, Zippers, and Snaps Section

When buying baseball pants, it’s important to look for quality. All three types of baseball pants (full leg, 3/4 leg, and 3⁄4-1/2 leg) will have seams and zippers at certain points on them. Make sure that those seams are strong enough by giving them a firm tug. You should see no sign of them coming undone. Also, check that all zippers and snaps are high-quality as well. They should be double-stitched in areas where they could wear out quickly otherwise—such as at your crotch or back pocket area—and should not be easy to detach from their original spot when pulled on too hard.

Style and Color Section

Choosing a style for your baseball pants is often as simple as looking at your uniform. For example, most youth leagues play in short pants (think little league or softball), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative! Sometimes, teams want to coordinate with each other and make an effort to look like a team by wearing matching uniforms. Other times, parents want their child to stand out and wear something more noticeable and personalized on game day. Regardless of which one fits you best, there are some great options available. Short pants: A little-league staple, these run-down just past your knees and come equipped with an elastic waistband.

Materials Section

Materials can be broken down into three categories: 100% polyester, cotton, and mesh. If you’re looking for a pair of baseball pants that is lightweight and breathable, pick up some polyester ones. On hot days, they’ll feel a lot more comfortable than cotton and they won’t get weighed down by too much material like mesh pants will. Remember though; that polyester doesn’t absorb moisture well so don’t expect them to dry as quickly as other materials either.

Aesthetics Section

Before purchasing, you’ll want to find a pair that’s going to fit your playing style. First and foremost, you should consider how much padding you want (or don’t want) in your pants. Aesthetically speaking, if you like a nice clean look on the field—with no bulky padding—UA makes some great options for you. For example, their Men’s Charged Cotton Tech Shortstop/Corner-Infielder Pant is made with UA’s signature Charged Cotton fabric, has 4-way stretch construction, and features an ergonomic gusset crotch (for increased mobility). And their Men’s Micro G® Contour Short Cargo Short is designed specifically for softball.

Performance Material Section

The fit and feel of your pants should be at least as important as how well they do their job. With baseball pants, think about what you’re looking for: If you tend to swing really hard or take a lot of shots at first base, then you’ll probably want a pair that offers extra protection, even if it makes you look like a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in uniform. If comfort is your main priority—which is totally OK!—you can go with something more lightweight and less bulky.

Should you trust the brand?

There are a lot of options out there. Finding a baseball pant that you like is great, but it’s even better if you find one from a brand that stands behind their products. One company that backs their gear with years of customer service and satisfaction is Under Armour. If you buy an Under Armor pant and ever have any problems (within two years), all you have to do is ship them back for a replacement! When buying new equipment, it’s important to find a brand that will be there for you in case something goes wrong. Buying from a trusted name like Under Armour shows that they stand behind their products, putting customers first and keeping them happy long after purchase.

Alternatives by Brand (other than UA)

The best way to choose a pair of baseball pants is to get advice from someone you trust. However, if you’re not currently connected with someone who wears them and has your specific body type, that’s okay—you can do some research on your own by starting with one or more brands. If you know what kind of pants you want, start by reviewing Under Armour baseball pants vs those by other brands. When it comes down to choosing what’s right for you, though, everything boils down to personal preference: different brands and styles may be suited for different types of players.

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