As the name of this awesome game suggests, baseballs are kind of an essence of the game. No baseballs, no baseball. It is that simple.

Like any aspect of any professional ball game, there is strong science behind the baseballs and it has contributed a lot to get the baseballs to the high-performance level at which they currently are and it will continue to improve the baseballs in the future.

The Science Behind Baseballs

We know most sports players aren’t fans of science, but Isaac Newton’s laws are the ones that can explain all sport known to mankind and baseball is no exception. Even though baseballs often times take a flight path that looks surreal, they always follow Newton’s laws.

To get the ball flying a pitcher must transfer his energy to the ball which gives it the initial velocity. Did you know that baseball can never go faster than pitcher hand speed? Yes, that is a fact. From the moment that the baseball leaves the pitcher’s hand (or a pitching machine), it starts to slow down.

Mid-flight there is gravity force pulling the ball downwards, and then there is air resistance that has the most impact on the baseball flight path. If we add spin to the baseball, that adds a centrifugal force into the equation, which additionally affects the air resistance influence. But these are the only forces affecting the baseball’s flight.

Ball Design

If the baseball were only pitched then most likely no one would watch nor play this awesome game. Luckily they are also batted. This is the part that requires balls to be made in a super tough way to be able to overcome the extreme impact forces involved in a successful hitting.

Baseballs use carefully chosen material and perfectly placed seams that enable extra curves and spins.

All Major League baseballs are made of the same materials: a rubber-coated cork inner core, surrounded by 3 layers of wool yarn, all winded together with a cotton or polyester yarn. Then latex adhesive or rubber cement is used to place the top two-piece cowhide in place, which is finally tightened together with seams.

Baseballs and

Here at, we have subcategorized baseballs into major brands, including Atec, Baden, Diamond, Rawlings, and Wilson. Whichever the brand of baseball you are after, we promise to help you find the best ones at the best prices.

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