Baseball Shoes

Baseball shoes or also known as baseball cleats are not to be treated lightly. Basically in any sport that includes footwear, it is extremely important for a player to have the shoes/sneakers/cleats that best fit his or her feet. This is the only way one can perform at his or her best.

Like in many other sports, milliseconds and millimeters determine the winning team. Good baseball shoes play an extremely important role in those game-changing moments, those get-to-the-base-first moments that secure the precious runs and victories.

Baseball Shoes Guide

Buying the right kind of baseball shoes is not easy so we prepared a short guide that will help make the right purchase. That is of course on top of the fact that is here to help you find the best baseball shoes at the best prices.

There are three important aspects of baseball shoes that most affect their performance. These are its type, material, and height.

Baseball Shoes Material

Most baseball cleats out there these days are made out of synthetic leather and mesh, which gives them extra durability and even water resistance. However, if your feet prefer genuine leather, you should listen to them. The most important part is still that the shoes feel good on your feet.

Baseball Shoes Types

When it comes to baseball cleats, there are four main styles you can choose from:

  • Molded – feature non-removable rubber studs, are great for any baseball surface, and are very strong.
  • TPU/MCS – these are similar to molded ones, but have hard plastic instead of rubber, thus making them slightly lighter.
  • Metal – these are what most professional players wear.
  • Turf – these are mainly used for training and practice. They are the most comfortable, yet still, offer good traction. Some even use them to play on artificial surfaces.

Baseball Shoes Height

There are two options:

  • Low-tops – these are lighter and offer higher speed and agility.
  • Mid/high-top – these are perfect for stability and safety as they provide most ankle support.

It is up to you to go with the baseball shoes that will best match your performance. Consider consulting your coach to advise you on your purchase.

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