Baseball Bats

We don’t want to go as far as calling baseball bats the most important part of the game, but we can all agree the game wouldn’t be possible with them. As such, baseball bats do play an incredibly important role in this traditional game. They are what attract most fans and what gets the crowds standing when a home run is hit.

Baseball Bats Industry

There is serious science behind the baseball bats and a lot of money. Ever since the beginnings of baseball, players and bat producers knew that bats are an extremely important part of the game.

Wood engineers were soon trained to determine which types of wood would be the best fit for baseball bats. Maple and ash were determined as the two most popular choices and are still the most common go-to options. However, as the game developed so did the equipment and there were many new discoveries along the way.

For instance, B45 was the first to go for birchwood, Canadian Yellow Birch to be exact, which has been proven to possess a combination of qualities that maple and ash wood have. B45 believes in birch as it also enables baseball bats to be more affordable.

Now there are other wood options available as well – bamboo and composite wood bats, however, maple, ash, and birch are still leading three.

Aside from wood, they started to use a variety of alloys to produce the so-called perfect bats, however, many players still prefer to use wood baseball bats over the modern alloy ones.

When it comes to the bat’s shape, there weren’t many changes, at least not until 2009, when Bruce Leinart, a woodworker from New York presented the idea of the Axe bat to the Baden Sports, which turned the idea into reality. The Axe baseball bats are now gaining popularity and are believed to be the future of the game by many experts and enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer wood or alloy baseball bats or even the Axe baseball bats, is here to help you find the best ones at the best prices.

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