Nokona Baseball Gloves

Nokona baseball gloves are the perfect way to get a grip on your game!

Nokona baseball gloves are known worldwide as the best way to get a grip on your game. Whether you’re playing catch with a friend or warming up before your big game, Nokona offers gloves in different styles and with different features so that you can get exactly what you need to be your best. A full range of left-handed and right-handed options are available, so no matter which hand you throw or catch with, you’ll find the perfect glove here. Nokona gloves are designed to improve your performance and make playing the game even more fun than it already is!

What makes Nokona baseball gloves so special?

Every pair of Nokona baseball gloves is crafted with careful attention. Everything from selecting high-quality leather to shaping it precisely makes Nokona baseballs great. Each Nokona product is built with pride in Texas, USA. This company has perfected its craft over decades, and you can feel it when you wear one of their baseball gloves. If you’re serious about playing baseball at any level, investing in a high-quality glove is essential.

How did Nokona become known for its first-class craftsmanship?

Nokona was founded by James W. Stelzer in 1961. The company began when Mr. Stelzer and his brother decided they could build higher quality professional-grade mitts than what was being offered at that time. Since those humble beginnings, Nokona has built an outstanding reputation based upon their legendary workmanship and attention to detail throughout their production process as well as their commitment to using only materials of superior quality and craftsmanship in every model they offer today. In fact, it is not uncommon for people who have purchased Nokona gloves years ago to still be using them today with no signs of wear whatsoever.

How do you ensure that each product meets the highest standard?

At Nokona, they take great pride in offering only quality products. Their first step is carefully selecting their vendors for each specific product. Each product undergoes stringent testing and reviews prior to being approved for production by its management team. They use state-of-the-art machinery for both hand assembly and machine stitching processes. This results in superior quality products that have been helping improve performance at home, school, and college ballparks around the world since 1909.

What’s the secret to selecting the right glove?

With all that variety out there, how do you know which one is best for you? It’s easy: decide what kind of player you are and go from there. Do you prefer baseball or softball? Do you play first base, second base, shortstop, or catcher? What kind of position do you play most often? If it’s a pitcher, then obviously a glove that gives you maximum control over your pitches is crucial. Infielders need gloves that help them quickly make accurate throws to other infielders and outfielders.

Which glove should I purchase?

Many Nokona models offer several different sizes. If you’re buying for someone else, it can be tough to know which size they need. Knowing how big a hand is can help you figure out what size glove they might need. Here’s an easy formula: if their hand is around 4 wide, it’s going to fit in an 11 model; if their hand is around 5 wide, it will fit in an 11.5 model; and so on…


The Nokona glove is definitely one of our favorites and we would encourage you to try one. We love how it fits snugly on our hands and helps us not just catch but also throw a ball quickly and easily. We’ve used many baseball gloves in our life, and Nokona has certainly been one of our favorites. It’s been really fun using it for catching, throwing, and even batting practice. They were extremely affordable as well, so that makes these gloves even more worthwhile if you ask us!

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