Victus Nox Two Piece Hybrid USSSA 2 3/4 Baseball Bat -10 29 /19oz (Black/Silver)

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VICTUS: CHANGE THE GAME Victus pushes the game forward with design-driven craftsmanship & commitment to quality in everything they do. They’re a leading wooden and metal bat manufacturer leaving their impact on the game from the big leagues to beginners. FEATURES OF THIS BAT: Built with obnoxious speed power and performance in mind. The NOX BBCOR two-piece hybrid is an aluminum bat eight years in the making. Combining the latest bat tech with an aesthetic unlike anything else on the market – the NOX is built for ballplayers from the inside out. Featuring an end-loaded design equipped with a military-grade aluminum barrel and carbon composite handle connected by our Two Smooth Impact Connection system for reduced vibration during contact. The ringless barrel with multi-variable wall thickness creates a thinner more flexible sweet spot for maximum energy transfer and a higher M.O.I.

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