Schutt Air Maxx Scorpion Double Knee Catcher’s Leg Guards, Size 13, Black/Navy


Lined with D3O® Energy Lock Technology to maximize cushioning while reducing overall bulk, the Schutt® Air Maxx Scorpion Double Knee Catcher’s Leg Guards are ideal for catcher’s that prefer full range of motion and mobility behind the plate to adjust their stance on a dime. Advanced Technology D3O® Energy Lock Technology absorbs and disperses energy for maximum cushioning Double Flex option promotes free movement at your knees to adjust your stance Reinforced Protection, Comfortable Construction Contoured Scorpion knee cap design stabilizes landings to keep your secure behind the plate Added side protection wraps around your legs and ankles for superior impact protection Ventilated shells accelerate air flow for long-lasting comfort Additional Details Model: 1264780603 Schutt Leg Guard Sizing Guide: Adult: 16” Intermediate: 14” Youth: 13”

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