Routine Natural Shampoo – Hydrate Sexy Sadie 11.83 oz


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Color Safe. Botanicals. Vegan. No SLS or Parabens. No Synthetic Fragrance. NATURAL, EASY, LONG HAIR.Have effortlessly hydrated hair that is detangled, shiny, healthy & split end free, leaving you with hair that grows as quickly as wildflowers on the ranch. SWEET, SPICY & DELGHTFULYlang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Vanilla & Cinnamon. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE NATURE OF LOCKS THAT GROW AS QUICKLY AS WILDFLOWERSRoutines Hair Systems were tested and perfected for five years before hitting the shelves, because good things take time. Our shampoos use purposeful ingredients chosen for their clarifying properties starting at the root, so the hair strands are unimpeded in growth. Vegetable Based Keratin & Baobab Seed Protein create protective scaffolding around individual hair strands while providing superior protection from UV stress, pollution & heat. Nettle combats hair loss while Melissa Leaf has antimicrobial and scalp balancing properties. Our conditioners are packed with hard working ingredients. Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Castor Seed Oil & Sunflower Oil are chosen for their strengthening properties. These ingredients are essential for detangling and sealing split ends to avoid breakage so hair can heal, grow and begin its gorgeous healthy journey. This is a low-lather formula that keeps the suds subtle and hair deeply cleansed. If you like a more sudsy experience, go in for round two on the wash. This is the result of not using synthetic foaming agents, which creates a more gentle clean that leaves your scalp’s pH balanced and healthy.

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