Rawlings 11.5” HOH R2G Series Glove

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Prepped with the highest quality leathers that boasts a game-ready feel, the Rawlings® Heart of the Hide® R2G Series Gloves are for the stand-out athlete that makes career-defining plays on the field in regular fashion. Engineered with a narrower profile for a snug fit, this 11.5” model also comes equipped with an Pro I™ Web to ensure players can make precise decisions on a dime as they keep the base paths clear in the infield. Pro-Level Materials, Game-Ready Feel: Heart of the Hide® Leather: Constructed from the top 5% of available cowhides, and features full-grain fingerback lining Minimal Break-In: 25% additional factory break-in minimizes break-in time on the field for instant performance Redesigned Heel Pad: Strategic adjustments help maintain an easier close Narrow Fitting Profile: Offers a more contoured fit that accommodates skinnier hands Pro Style Patterns: Modeled after player-preferred models for elite feel and performance Learn more about Glove Steam-Fitting Services available at select DICK’s Sporting Goods locations

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