Old Hickory Mike Trout Maple Wood Adult Baseball Bat 33

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Mike Trout is one of the best young players to hit the MLB in years. Now you can swing what #27 swings because Old Hickory is releasing his Custom Pro Series game bat to players everywhere! Old Hickory Custom Pro Series maple and ash bats are the same ones they send to their professional players. All of Old Hickory`s Custom Pro bats are cut from #1 graded hard rock maple and top graded northern white ash. No Store Bought wood will be found in these bats. Established in 1999 Old Hickory Bat Company has steadily grown from a one car garage and a handful of local players to over 6500 square feet of manufacturing and showroom space and hundreds of players at the highest level of competition throughout the world. Old Hickory Bat Company`s team consists of over 35 years of combined experience within both the wood bat manufacturing arena and on the professional playing field. Old Hickory`s knowledge and playing experience give them the ability to produce some of the finest maple and ash baseball bats in the game. Old Hickory ensures that every bat they manufacture has met all of their high quality standards before being boxed and shipped. The maple and ash utilized by Old Hickory are hand selected from the Northeastern United States and Canada to ensure only the highest graded wood. Old Hickory: Swing What the Professionals Are Swinging! Free Shipping!

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