Jugs M7000 Small-Ball Pitching Machine, steel

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Perfect for players of all ages, the Jugs® Small-Ball® Pitching Machine features adjustable legs for realistic delivery of both baseballs and softballs. Safe to use anywhere, the M7000 machine throws Jugs® Small-Ball’s® (not included) and can be used in backyards, garages, or your favorite practice field. The 25-ball feeder releases a ball every 5 seconds and can throw fastballs or overhand curves with incredible accuracy. FEATURES: Teaches the hitter to track the ball from the release point to the impact zone Increases the hitter’s mental concentration by forcing them to hit a small object with a small bat Heavy-duty steel construction is built to last Adjustable legs for realistic delivery height for both baseball and softball Portable and lightweight design makes travel easy Throws fastballs or overhand curves with uncanny accuracy Also shoots fly balls and ground balls for fielder’s training Manual and automatic feed: 25-ball feeder releases a ball every 5 seconds Safe to use anywhere, including backyards, garages, or your chosen practice field Maximum speed: 75 MPH Single dial setting speed adjustment Operates on standard 110-volt AC Includes a free drill book Throws Jugs® Small-Balls® (sold separately) Recommended for players ages 8 and up Manufacturer’s guarantee: 1 year Model: M7000 Jugs

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