Diamond Sports D-OB Leather Baseballs in 6-Gallon Yellow Cushion Lid Bucket 30 Balls with Rods Insulated Can Sleeve

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Designed for ultimate convenience and efficiency at practice the Diamond® 6-Gallon Ball Bucket with 30 D-OB Official League Baseballs is essential for any coach or player. The Diamond® D-OB Official League Baseball Bucket offers a padded lip top for comfortable sitting in the dugout. The D-OB baseballs feature a genuine leather cover Diamond Seam™ red stitching and a solid cork/rubber pull core. This item features a Six-gallon ball Yellow bucket combo. Includes 30 D-OB official league leather baseballs with a solid cork and rubber pill core and genuine leather cover. The ball includes the Diamond Seam™ with red stitching. The bucket capacity: 6 gallon and holds up to 5 dozen baseballs (30 balls included). Padded bucket top for comfortable sitting bucket dimensions: 17 height x 12 diameter. The combo include a Rods Sport can cooler.

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