Axe Youth Speed Trainer Bats w/ Driveline Baseball Training Set, green

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Developed in collaboration with Driveline Baseball to build a solid hitting foundation for youth players, the Axe® Speed Trainer Bat Set offers an extensive 24-week program with guided drills and methods to improve their swing and give them an edge at the plate. This training set features two weighted Axe® Bats that focus separately on factors like acceleration, exit speed, barrel control, and strength to maintain a balanced swing and never lose sight of sound hitting fundamentals. Strategic Speed Trainer Bat Design: Speed Handle Load Bat: Red color-coded bat is 20% heavier throughout the handle, helping you focus on acceleration, directing the barrel, and general bat speed Power Barrel Load Bat: Neon green color-coded bat is 20% heavier throughout the barrel, which places a greater emphasis on strength, controlling the barrel, and exit speed Axe® Bat Technology: Both bats feature the unique Axe® Handle, which provides more consistent speed and barrel control than conventional bat handles Not certified for in-game use Powered by Driveline Baseball: 24-Week Program: Consists of a 12 week in-season program, and 12 week out-of-season program Features illustrative drills and methods to correct poor hitting tendencies when using in tandem with both Speed Bats Recommended for players aged 9-13

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