Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid (-10) USA Baseball Bat – 2023 Model Size 28in./18oz


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Introducing the 2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid (-10) USA Baseball Bat. The 2023 Avenge Pro Hybrid is engineered to be the ultimate USA Baseball Bat. The Axe Avenge Pro’s all-new USA hybrid design provides the most power in USA Baseball, with barrel performance at the max legal limit right out of the wrapper. Its 3-piece Shock Suspension technology gives hitters the best sting-stopping vibration cancelling in the game. The composite lightweight handle allows for faster swing speeds and a better feel at contact. The Avenge Pro Hybrid also offers an extended performance sweet spot, patented Axe Handle advantage, and a speed composite end cap for a loud power you can hear upon contact. You won’t find a better bat than the new Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid (-10) USA Baseball Bat!-10NEW Hybrid 3-Piece Construction- alloy power barrel + composite speed handle + vibration connection technologyNEW Armor Enhanced Alloy Power Barrel- hot out of wrapper and remains strong throughout the bat’s lifetimeNEW Precision Variable Blastwall Extended Sweet SpotNEW Shock Suspension Anti-Vibration TechnologyNEW Charged Carbon Max Speed Handle- Carbon composite brings lightweight speed performance to the very edge of the legal limitNEW Composite Hyperwhip Endcap- Sleek 2nd generation design reduces more weight for a faster and larger barrelNEW Patented Youth Axe Handle- Gives you more speed, control, and the best gripNEW Endogrid Soft Shock-Absorbing TechnologyApproved for play in USA Baseball Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid (-10) USA Baseball Bat – 2023 Model Size 28in./18oz

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