Akadema Maple Wood Baseball Bat: M681W 31 inch

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Akadema Maple Wood Baseball Bat: M681WCrush center-cut fastballs to the gaps when you swing a maple wood bat made by Akadema!Bat BenefitsThis bat is built with Akadema s 681 turn model which will feature a pretty neat shape to it. The barrel will have a medium length and then it will gradually taper down to the handle. The handle s thickness will be 7/8 of an inch. That will make it very thin overall. Typically a bat with a barrel shape like this 681 bat will feel decently balanced. But the thin handle will make the bat feel slightly barrel-heavy. Due to that feel this 681 model might be a little more attractive to those hitters who can put an extra jolt into a baseball. However if you were a hitter who swung for contact in the past but wanted to add a bit of a power aspect to your game you might consider this bat!

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