Acure Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream 1.7 fl oz

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Welcome To Skin Wellness. Melatonin & Hemp Seed Oil. Overnight Booster Mask. For Thirsty Skin. 100% Vegan 0% PretentiousParaben Free Sulfate FreeMineral Oil Free Petrolatum Free. . You want some serious winkle fighting, you got it! This wonderfully fluffy overnight booster mask works its magic while you sleep. With dreamy melatonin, hemp seed oil, and soothing shitake mushroom. This is a game changer, People! PS: Yes, we said “winkle fighting”. Winkles are obviously the magical elves who sneak in at night and try to steal your pretty. Your Goal. Intense Moisture for Thirsty Skin. Our Solution. Ashwagandha High antioxidant content fends off free radicals and supports healthy skin; provides anti-aging support. Reishi Helps to improve skin’s appearance by softening and minimizing the appearance of aging; aids in moisture retention and improves skin tone. Holy Basil Offers antioxidant benefits and fends off free radicals; combats effects of stress on skin. Kale High in vitamins A & C; rejuvenates and refreshes while supporting skin’s building blocks. Melatonin Rejuvenates and refreshes skin’ provides anti-aging support. Hemp Seed Oil Its high essential fatty acid and protein content replenishes moisture and calms & soothes

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