Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194K 30 20 oz.


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2023 Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid -10 USA Baseball Bat: L194KAxe s Avenge Pro is going to usher in a new and incredible era of baseball performance on USA Baseball diamonds across the nation! Grab one quickly!Bat BenefitsThis USA rated baseball bat is jam-packed with incredible technology! First off the bat has an ergonomic axe handle and knob to it. This makes the bat more comfortable for a human hand to hold and actually should allow batters to swing the bat a little faster when compared to how they swing a regular-handle baseball bat. Typically a little more swing speed leads to better performance on hits!Axe specifically builds this bat in the drop 10 sizing which is great because it has the potential to serve the widest range of player ages. We have seen players from 7-12 years old swinging drop 10 sized bats!In addition the barrel is built from the Charged Carbon + Composite material. This material is touted as being the best composite materials ever created by Axe. And to make sure that the comfort matches the performance the entire Vibration Cancelling System is added to the bat to allow hardly any vibration to get down to a batter s hands on a miss-hit.WarrantyAxe makes sure that customers are going to be happy with their products and because of that they extend a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty period on this bat. If you get the bat from JustBats and notice that something is wrong structurally or performance-wise within 1 year from when you bought it please notify the JustBats Bat Experts. The Experts are trained in product and warranty knowledge and will make sure you get the information to successfully set up a warranty replacement process with Axe!

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