Wilson 11.75” A2K SuperSkin Series 1787 Glove 2021, grass

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Combining time-tested materials with engineered SuperSkin™ to maximize durability and reduce overall weight, the 2021 Wilson® A2K® Series Gloves are the culmination of old and new technologies that come full-force to dominate the field this season. This 11.75” infielder model is outfitted with a traditional I-Web and accessible pocket design, which boasts quick and efficient transfers to your throwing hand. SuperSkin™: Strong, Durable, Light: Made of a microfiber material that actively repels moisture so it doesn’t get weighed down by rain or wet grass Constructed to be two times stronger than cowhide leather and only half the weight Placed on the back of the glove where it takes the most beating Requires half the break-in time as conventional leather for quicker performance The Premier Glove: Pro Stock® Select: The top 5% of Pro Stock hides are chosen by a triple sorting process for consistency and flawlessness Rolled Dual Welting™: Thin strips of Pro Stock leather skived thin and rolled to provide long-lasting shape and quicker break-in Double Palm Construction: Thin, strategically placed cut of leather between the palm liner and outer shell for maximum pocket stability 3X More Shaping: A master technician spends three times longer pounding and shaping the A2K® by hand, reducing break-in time

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