Spin Ball Pro 2 Wheel Adjustable Combination Pitching Machine

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The Rawlings Pro Line two wheel pitching machine features a versatile design that allows the same basic machine to be used for baseball or Softball. Three sets of legs create three different release heights: 24″ for softball, 48″ for baseball, and 48-84″ for the Adjustable Release Point (ARP) model. The ARP option provides the most realistic baseball release height available. The single adjustment clamp makes setup quick and easy- all three angles (horizontal, vertical, and twist) are set at once, and won’t shake loose under vibration. The machine can be rotated to throw pitches from any angle to simulate right or left handed pitchers as well as throwing grounders and fly balls.
Rawlings wheel tread is thicker and more durable than other brands. ATEC’s profiled wheel tread is only 3/8″ thick at the center, while Rawlings wheels are a full 1″ thick top grade urethane for better pitch accuracy and longer wheel life. The thicker tread provides a recovery time under 2 seconds, compared with 8 seconds for ATEC.
Each wheel’s speed is set independently for full adjustability of pitch speed and break. Wheel speed is shown directly on the control box – no need to use charts to set up pitches. A Rawlings exclusive, the controls include switches to display speeds in mph or kph and to correct the displayed speed based on ball type- baseball or softball.
A thrown ball curves in the direction of its spin. The faster the spin, the more it curves. Fastballs have backspin, which cause them to rise, or at least fall slower than they otherwise would. Sinkers and curves have topspin, causing them to drop. Knuckleballs ideally have no spin at all and move randomly. By adjusting the wheel speeds and the angle of the machine, the Rawlings Pro Line can be set to spin the ball in any direction to simulate virtually any pitch.

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