Schutt S3.2 Multi-Flex Catcher’s Leg Guards, shell


Utilizing three knee caps that contour at the top for a unique blend of protection and free-form mobility, the Schutt® S3.2 Multi-Flex Catcher’s Leg Guards are engineered for making fast-adjustments behind the plate to ensure errant throws never reach the backstop. Advanced Technology D3O® Energy Lock Technology absorbs and disperses energy for maximum cushioning Additional third knee cap enhances abrasion and impact resistance for optimal protection Reinforced Protection, Anatomical Construction Added side protection wraps around your legs and ankles for superior impact protection Ventilated shells with perforated padding accelerate air flow for long-lasting comfort Strategically shaped shell exterior reduces overall weight by 21% Contoured knee caps provide an anatomical fit to ensure free-form movement Additional Details Model: 1264930601 Schutt Leg Guard Sizing Guide: Adult: 16” Intermediate: 14” Youth: 13”

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