Rawlings R9 Series 122PC-Web Fielding Glove – Black / Gold

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The Rawlings R9 Series 12� 2PC-Web Fielding Glove is built for power, precision, and comfort. Designed with all-leather shells and pro-style patterns, you can get ready to join the elites of style and performance. Rawlings R9 Series 12″” 2PC-Web Fielding Glove features: The all-leather shell design makes it soft and durable. Pro-style patterns add a signature look. Reinforced palm pad reduces impact. The padded thumb loop offers added comfort. Padded finger back liners provide a comfortable feel. Standard fit. Features conventional glove back, pitcher position, and 2-piece web. Rawlings R9 Series 122PC-Web Fielding Glove – Black / Gold.

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