Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G ColorSync 6.0 Kris Bryant 12.25 Baseball Glove: PRORKB17CB Right Hand Thrower

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Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G ColorSync 6.0 Kris Bryant 12.25 Baseball Glove: PRORKB17CBPick it like a pro on the infield (or in the outfield) when you use this Rawlings glove inspired by the one Kris Bryant uses in the MLB!Glove BenefitsTeens high schoolers and college-aged players are searching for gloves that will provide a look that sets them apart from others. Although many still prefer that classic tan or brown look many players want a glove that will deliver an extra pop of color. And this is where the Heart of the Hide ColorSync series breaks into the market. These ColorSync models provide a look that in the past could only be found if you paid extra to create a custom Rawlings baseball glove. But with these ColorSyncs you only have to pay the regular Heart of the Hide price. This will be the 6th time that Rawlings has dropped this unique line and once again they have absolutely scored in regard to creating dynamic looks.This glove is built to mimic the specs of the glove used by Kris Bryant (length & web) and it will be extremely versatile. First off we must recognize its fitting options due to it being an R2G style of glove. It will work great for a young player seeking a high-quality but also a snug-fitting glove. As well it could work for an older player that needs something that won t slip off of their hand. Secondly this glove can be used on both the infield and in the outfield. The 12.25-inch length is a pretty unique size. That length of glove can be used at 3B (this is where Kris uses it) and if you are really daring you might even be able to use it at SS. And don t forget that it could be used as a bit smaller glove in the outfield.WarrantyHow does a company become a legend within the sport of baseball and claim that they produce the official glove of Major League Baseball? Well there’s a lot that goes into it. But one reason why Rawlings can claim both of these titles is that they take care of their customers. To demonstrate that care they have put a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty on this glove. If you buy it from us and run into issues with the glove before a year has passed from the purchase date please let our Glove Experts know. They will look into the situation and see if it meets the criteria for sending the glove to Rawlings for a warranty replacement.

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