Rawlings, 2022 Breakout 12.75-Inch Outfield Glove, Standard, Pro H Web, Conventional, Navy/Scarlet/White


We created the 2022 Breakout 12.75-inch outfield glove to help you ‘break out’ and become the star of your team. It was constructed from soft, durable leather for superior feel and performance. As a result, it’s easy to break-in quickly, and form your perfect pocket, but it will also stand up against time – to keep you at the top of your game for seasons to come.
In addition to the leather, all our Breakout series gloves feature padded finger-back linings, thermoformed wrist linings, and padded thumb sleeves for optimal comfort. For even more added protection, these gamers also come with a reinforced palm pad to help reduce stingers from sharply hit balls and hard throws too. This Breakout series outfield glove features a stylish red, white, and blue design, and was constructed in our 302-outfield pattern too. This pattern combines our popular H-web, with a deep, wide pocket that makes it the perfect option for any outfielder. You’ll chase down and snag more fly balls than ever with this quality gamer.
This 2022 Breakout 12.75-inch outfield glove was created with one purpose in mind, to give youth and high school players a top quality glove at a more affordable price. ‘Break out’ and become a star just like your favorite big leaguers did at your age. It’s only available here on Rawlings.com too, so get yours now!

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