Rawlings, 2022 Breakout 11.25-Inch Youth Infield Glove, Standard, Navy/Scarlet/White, Pro I-Web, Conventional Back, Right Handed


Constructed from high-quality, durable leather, the 2022 Breakout 11.25-inch youth infield glove was created to help you ‘break out’ this year. Become the star of your team thanks to its soft, all-leather design that gives you an unmatched feel. This design also promotes a fast, easy break-in so you can get the perfect pocket quickly. As a result, you’ll get a performance glove at a price that won’t break the bank.
In addition to its quality and durability, this Breakout infield glove also provides superior comfort for you hand. Its padded finger-back lining, thermoformed wrist strap, and padded thumb sleeve keep your hand comfy under even the harshest playing conditions. Its reinforced palm pad provides also gives you added protection against sharply hit balls and hard throws too! For an even greater fit and feel, this Breakout youth glove was crafted in a youth pro taper fit pattern – which offers a smaller hand opening to provide a much better fit for players with smaller hands. This new glove also features our extremely popular I-web, and an eye-catching red, white, and blue design to help you stand out while you flash the leather.
This 2022 Breakout 11.25-Inch youth infield glove is perfect for young players who want to become the next break out star just like their favorite big leaguers did when they were growing up. You won’t find a better glove for a better price. Our Breakout Series is exclusively available here on Rawlings.com, so get yours now!

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