R.e.d.d. Superfood Energy Bar Mint Chocolate 12 Bars

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R.e.d.d. – Research Enhanced Design + Development. All Killer – No Filler. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. Soy Free. Plant-Based. 10g Protein. 11 Superfoods. 23 Vitamins + Minerals. 12 – 2 oz. Bars. All Killer. No Filler. This is the batting order of mother nature’s all-star team. The best, purest, energy-giving, power-producing superfoods, vitamins and minerals. The hitters, the closers and the first super-group of plant-based nutrition-all gathered for you right here and now. Feel that? Yeah… now imagine putting taste of that in the ole tank. Ba-boom. Must Read. 10g Protein. 11 Superfoods. 23 Vitamins + Minerals. 36mg natural caffeine Certified gluten free. Non GMO. Kosher. Ancient grains. Minimally processed. NO artificial colors or flavors. Soy free. Brown rice syrup free. Plant-based. Ethically sourced. If Mother Nature made anything better, she kept it for herself.

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