New DeMarini Voodoo One 2022 BBCOR Baseball Bat 2 5/8 Diameter Red/Black 32/29

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the voodoo one delivers what most amateur batters want in a baseball bat…a light swing feel with incredible power potential. last year’s voodoo one bbcor was a true darling of bat reviews on social media and there is no stopping the momentum the bat has gained from last season.this rendition of the bat will feature the same x14 alloy that was seen last season and we believe that this material will crush baseballs once again. for the voodoo ones demarini is able to create this x14 material with an extra lightweight feel for which both contact and power hitters will be reaching. the reason that all hitters will want this bat is that the alloy has shown incredible power performance when it barrels up a baseball (and who can’t use a little extra power???).for this season’s model demarini did switch up the construction of their end cap on the bat. they have gone with the tracer end cap that they say incorporates lightweight materials to improve swing speeds while also aiding the power potential of a batter! 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter drop 3 length-to-weight ratio balanced swing feel one-piece all-alloy baseball bat bbcor .50 certified for high school & collegiate play legal for play in intermediate (50-70) & junior league divisions of little league colorway: red | white | gold x14 alloy barrel – precision engineered with the most consistent walls possible. this helps maintain performance swing speed & durability. tracer end cap – made with lightweight composite materials that should enhance bat speed while also maintaining power barrel performance. demarini player suggestion – for a player wanting a light-swinging bat that generates high swing speeds.

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