Natural Balance Turbo Charge Energy Formula 60 Tablets

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Herbal Energy. Power-Packed. Vegan. Turbo Charge is a potent combination of guarana, Korean Ginseng, and additional specialty botanicals. Turbo Charge is the perfect supplement if you want to keep up with your maximum energy lifestyle. Get Intense with Turbo Charge! 1 capsule* = 1 3/4 cups of Coffee*. *One capsule of Turbo Charge contains approximately 170mg of caffeine per serving, which is about the same as in 1 3/4 cups of coffee. Maximize Performance to the Extreme! Guarana – is a traditional herb used by the Guarani people of South America. Korean Ginseng – is a prized variety of Ginseng from the Orient. Gotu Kola – is a popular Ayurvedic herb in India. Passion Flower – is a Central American herb used for its reputed balancing properties. Eleuthero & Wood Betony- are additional supportive herbs

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